How can Luminate StoreOptimizer help my business?

Knowing what tasks your employees need to perform can be easy. Prioritizing those tasks to make the best use of staff resources can be difficult. The solution? JDA Luminate StoreOptimizer – a SaaS task engine built on Google Cloud Platform that acts as your digital assistant, continuously evaluating competing priorities and directing your associates to complete the most important tasks at any given time.

With this solution, you can leverage multiple data feeds to identify replenishment situations, avoiding out of stocks and lost sales. With JDA Luminate StoreOptimizer, you can more easily prioritize activities and gain the inventory visibility you need to improve margins – and keep your customers satisfied.


  • Real-time communications to store associates
  • Dynamically generated tasks
  • Priorities based on corporate rules
  • Utilizes multiple data feeds from POS to sensor technologies


  • Reduced out-of-stocks and fewer lost sales through better inventory visibility
  • Improved productivity through optimized use of associates’ time
  • Improved visibility into store operations

It’s Time to Illuminate Your Supply Chain with JDA Luminate

In today's supply chains, customer demand can change in an instant due to trends, global events, weather, moves by the competition and more. To be successful, new solutions are required that run on a cognitive, connected and open platform. The path forward begins with next-generation solutions that can turn real-time data and insights into fast, profitable business decisions. With JDA Luminate, you can now harness the power of the cloud and cutting-edge innovation – such as SaaS, IoT, AI and advanced analytics – to drive smarter, more agile supply chain transformations for greater results.
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