How can Luminate Market Price help my business?

Shoppers expect fair prices for the products they buy, but a “fair price” means different things to different customers. To increase revenue and stay competitive, you need dynamic market-driven pricing. Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology delivers pricing strategies reflecting actual demand and real-time competitive positions – unlocking insights hidden in your data. Luminate Market Price, part of the JDA Luminate™ family, offers the perfect approach for growing revenue and increasing profits with AI and machine learning (ML) from Blue Yonder. 


  • Powerful algorithms scientifically determine price elasticity of demand with continuous learning
  • Considers store-level and product data alongside time, date and season and other external factors to understand impact on sales
  • Supports a variety of pricing strategies including revenue and pricing maximization, pricing rules or a mix of strategies


  • Increase revenue and margins with better pricing and fewer repricing events
  • Save time on price management with low maintenance after initial setup
  • Reduce return rates with more competitive pricing

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