How can Luminate Clearance Price help my business?

To maximize profits and reduce costly waste, you need a powerful markdown pricing solution that goes beyond rule-based pricing to deliver data-driven, continuously optimized prices at the finest levels of granularity.  Luminate Clearance Price, part of the JDA Luminate™ family, delivers with precision using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) from Blue Yonder.


  • Clear stock at the end of the season or product life cycle with profit-driven markdown management
  • Determines price elasticity based on current and historical data
  • Considers cost of price changes so each change yields a net profit increase
  • Accounts for competitive prices, substitution and cannibalization effects


  • Increase revenue and margins with better pricing
  • Lower inventory costs by clearing stock levels by end of markdown
  • Reduce return rates with more competitive pricing
  • Optimize prices for normal seasonal sales and product clearance
  • Save time and price management and pricing resources

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