Powering the Autonomous Supply Chain™

Fully Autonomous, Self-Healing Supply Chain

A truly autonomous supply chain (ASC) is within your reach. Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and other advanced technologies are making it possible to predict disruptions, offer prescriptive guidance, and self-correct in real-time. 

Fueled by data, robust algorithms, and predictive analytics, the ASC senses disruptions like material shortages or a weather event days or months in advance. It course-corrects automatically, based on predictions right now, minimizing the disruption, and updating to protect profit margins.

Laptop with blue and white analytics dashboard

Predictive Visibility

Get real-time supply chain visibility into on-hand and projected inventory levels and inbound/outbound shipments.
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Real-Time IoT Inputs

The introduction of Internet of Things (IoT), big data, and information from social media, news, events, and weather is empowering decision-making based on real-time information gathered across the supply chain.
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Draw Precise Conclusions

With distinct precision, machine learning can reduce waste, increase operational efficiency, provide higher revenues and more personalized customer experiences.

Welcome to the Autonomous Supply Chain

Explore the environment and navigate through the journey with our interactive Autonomous Supply Chain simulation.

You Can Achieve an Autonomous Supply Chain

With an autonomous supply chain (ASC), your business can successfully navigate the digital age. Backed by AI and the right data, your company can move forward into the future prepared for any market and industry. You can reduce waste, increase operational efficiency, provide higher revenues and more personalized customer experiences with ML and AI.  

An ASC can help your business respond with immediacy and decisiveness. This technology is designed to deliver on-demand, navigate disruptions months in advance, and help keep your business ahead of any changes. The self-learning and self-healing approach predict challenges, transforming them into opportunities for growth.

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